Moscow. Victory Day.

Time to start ticking things off my “bucket list”. Victory Day (end of WWII) on Red Square being first one. On sad side, of course, nobody will allow you to be on Red Square during official parade, it’s reserved for officials, military (obviously) and veterans.  Se la vie. On good side, I participated in famous “Immortal regiment”! It’s a great initiative started few years ago, where descendants of those who lost their lives in WWII carry portrait or sometimes even only names of their ancestors in march.  Taking into account that we lost based on different estimations up to 20 mln people, almost every family in Soviet Union lost somebody in that war. My late granny was partisan in WWII, she was only 14 y.o. at that time. I haven’t been in any march for ages, I guess since my Soviet childhood, and usually I’m trying to avoid mass gathering.  To my great surprise, none of things which I was concerned about was there – no politicization, no commercialization, no alcohol, no mess.  Atmosphere was very friendly, people of all ages – from teenagers to pensioners came together with such feeling of brotherhood. Along the way there were “field kitchen” with hot steamy buckwheat and tea. Uzbek woman was carrying portrait of her granddad, I suggested to make photo of her with Red Square, her phone was dead. Luckily I had power bank with me. While making photos we happened to be in the middle of TV shoot!  She was the happiest person on Red Square! 🙂  IMG_1215Scottish came all the way from Edinburgh to participate in Immortal regiment!



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