Home, sweet home

After almost a month on the road, I finally reached Krasnoyarsk. Behind 4600 km of Transsiberian railway, 8 cities, dozens of museums, vodka in the train served in a teapot 🙂

Bliss, peace of soul. For somebody it might be too quite, but at different stages of life, you might need different lifestyle. Mom’s garden, tea in the afternoon, evening garden exercise (yes, it doesn’t grow by itself 🙂 and in Russia we usually don’t have servants).

Such simple joys, which I hardly appreciated years ago – to read book on the bench on the river side, to find first strawberry, to make first salad with home-grown cucumbers. To see sun in the morning and +30C on the thermometer in the daytime – hurra! It’s not cold! (Please, don’t ask me what I’m going to do in long Siberian winter and -30C :-))

It seems I’m the only one in the family that is enjoying summer heat. I remember in  my student age, it was like “OMG, +30C! Immediately find the place to get tanned! Immediately wear all sexy summer clothes which were laying idle”. Now it’s like “Good, I feel being back in my comfort zone”.


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